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Coal Chamber Quotes

Coal Chamber Quotes

They owe us 100,000 dollars, and we're going to get it. It's really ridiculous what they pulled on us-they gave us no soundchecks, no lighting checks, and they didn't let us use any of our pyro. Whatever they want to say in their little wrestler minds is all cool, but the fact is this: half the crowd was leaving every night when we got off stage.
Dez Fafara (about ICP bumping them from their tour)

Usually, the groupies on tour are really young. We're talking about jail bait. Occasionally, you'll get the ones who are over 18, and a lot of them are dancers. On the Insane Clown Posse tour, there was a band-I won't name what band it was-and on their tour bus I had a video camera in hand. In the back, it was a full-blown orgy. It was to the point where I was working every angle, getting a sense of how good I am at directing orgies.
Meegs Rascon

"The band call me Meegs, which is short for Miguel. I got that nickname from Elijah (Blue Allman, of Deadsy). We were all tweaked one night and he kept going, 'Meegs! Meegs!' and it stuck."
Meegs Rascon

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