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Cirrus Discography

Cirrus Discography

Release Date: 2002

1 Boomerang 
2 Straight Laid Out 
3 Breakbeat Suckers 
4 Half A Cell 
5 Dragon Lounge 
6 Intermission 
7 Matter Of Time 
8 You Are (Panacea) 
9 Ghettoblaster 
10 Hit The Decks 
11 Unbreakable 
12 Boomerang (Reprise) 

Stop & Panic
Release Date: May 18th, 1999

1 Stop and Panic (Edit) (3:34) 
2 Stop and Panic (Original Version) (7:18) 
3 Stop and Panic (DJ Dan Remix) (6:51) 
4 Stop and Panic (Coffee Boys Remix) (7:06) 
5 Stop and Panic (Micro's Crash Landing Mix) (7:21) 
6 Stop and Panic (Deepsky Remix) (7:24) 

Back On A Mission
Release Date: Aug 25th, 1998

1 Back On A Mission 
2 The Answer 
3 Stop & Panic 
4 Abba Zabba 
5 Soul Blast 
6 Captain Cocktail 
7 Rock The Funky Joint 
8 Break The Madness 
9 No Pressure 
10 Times Running Out 

Drop The Break
Release Date: April 22nd, 1997

1 Future 
2 Leap Into The Light 
3 Break In (Transatlantic Move Mix) 
4 Ghetto Of Life 
5 Superstar DJ 
6 Abduction 
7 Superstar 
8 Drop The Break 
9 October 27 
10 Nassau 
11 Break In 
12 Yallah Habibe 
13 Bionic Hippy 

Superstar DJ
Release Date: 1995

A1 Superstar DJ (This Ain't Trip Hop? Mix) 
A2 Superstar DJ (D'still'D remix) 
B1 Superstar DJ (The La Supergoovalistic Mix) 
B2 Superstar DJ (Mad Remix) 

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