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Chris Hillman Quotes

Chris Hillman Quotes

Itís different now but I enjoy it more than I did then. I think I appreciate it more now and I love playing acoustically. This is the way I started. Herb and I met each other forty years ago when we were both eighteen years old, playing bluegrass, and thatís what drew me into music, and I enjoyed every particular part of my career. But now I enjoy it because itís the twilight of my career, where I can play what I want and I can play when I want and where I want. And thatís the greatest part it all. So itís sort of a right that Iíve earned. I can record records the way I want to.
Chris Hillman

The only thing that takes up my time other than music is raising my fourteen year old son. My daughterís in college, so I have a fourteen year old son in high school, which takes up a lot of my time, but other than that I think I could safely say Iím semi-retired. So I do sessions, still for people, friends. Iím doing some sessions next week for a friend of mine who used to be in the Kentucky Colonels with Clarence White (Leroy Mack). Heís doing an album. And, you know, basically the music probably takes it, but as far as other hobbies, no, I donít paint. Other than read history and lots of time for reading and working around the house, thatís about it!
Chris Hillman

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