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The Charlie Daniels Band Profile

Charlie Daniels (guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, vocals),
Earl Grigsby (bass, vocals, 1971-73),
Joel DiGregorio [aka Taz DiGregorio] (keyboards, vocals),
Jeff Myer (drums, 1971-73),
Barry Barnes (guitar, vocals, 1973-74),
Mark Fitzgerald (bass,vocals, 1973-74),
Fred Edwards (percussion, drums, 1973-86),
Tom Crain (guitar, vocals, 1974-89),
Charlie Hayward (bass, 1974-present),
James Marshall (drums, 1978-83),
Jack Gavin (percussion, drums, 1985-99),
Bruce Ray Brown (guitar, vocals, 1989-present),
Chris Wormer (guitar, 1996-present),
Pat McDonald (drums, 1999-present)

Associated Acts:
The Jaguars
The Misty Mountain Boys
The Rockets
The Jesters

Country Rock
Southern Rock

Formed: In 1971 in United States

Debut Album: Charlie Daniels (1971)

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