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Chamillionaire Quotes

I mean, we both came into Swisha House around like, 1998, and started getting on their freestyle stuff. And a little bit after that we branched off, maybe about 2000 or something, and started doing our own stuff under Color Changin' Click.

And even with me, I kinda pay attention to that, and that's why I did my album differently, you know. I didn't--say--speakin' the same thing as the last person in Texas because I don't want it to be old, I want my stuff to still sound like a breath of fresh air. It sounds different than anybody else comin' out of Texas, because, you know, somebody else might've already told you about candy paint you know what I mean, so I don't wanna come back and tell you the same thing he told you, you know what I'm sayin'?

The Sound of Revenge basically means success, because I feel like success is the best revenge you can have in this world when people tell you that your way's not gonna work. Like all my life people been tellin' me, well, "it's not gonna work, it's not gonna work." I trust my gut instinct, and go against the grain and it works. So you know, I just been livin' by them rules, kinda like standin' on my own two feet for a while, man, and it's like, I been crawlin' to get to where I'm at, and now I'm finally walking.

Basically, you know, I'm just gonna try to get up in here and do a lotta, you know, branching out, like I got NBA Live 2006, you know, The Longest Yard movie soundtrack, you know. There's a lotta stuff in this game you can do from ringtones, just a lot. I'm just going to try to get up in here and kinda, you know, just take this brand as far as I can take it.

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