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The Cats and the Fiddle Profile

Jimmie Henderson (first tenor vocals, tipple, 1937-40)
Chuck Barksdale (bass vocals, bass fiddle, 1937-41)
Ernie Price (second tenor vocals, tipple, guitar, 1937-50)
Austin Powell (lead vocals, four-stringed tenor guitar, 1937-43, 1946-51)
Herbie Miles (first tenor vocals, guitar, tipple, 1940, 1945-47)
Lloyd “Tiny” Grimes (first tenor vocals, guitar, 1940-42)
George Steinback (bass vocals, bass guitar, 1941-50)
Art Tatum (piano, 1942-?)
Mifflin “Peewee” Branford (tenor vocals, guitar, 1942-46)
Hank Haslett (vocals, guitar, 1943-45)
Shirley Moore (vocals, 1947-49)
Johnny Davis (tenor vocals, congas, 1948-51)
Doris Knighton (vocals, 1949-50)
Stanley Gaines (bass vocals, bass guitar, 1950)
Beryl Booker (piano, vocals, 1950-51)
Dottie Smith (vocals, drums, 1950-51)

Rhythm & Blues

Formed: In 1937 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

Did You Know:
The group officially disbanded in 1951

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