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Capitol Steps Profile

Mike Loomis (1981-present)
Jenny Morris, Morgan Duncan, Tracey Stephens, Mike Tilford (1992-present)
Anne Willis Hill (1987-present)
Brian Ash, Andy Clemence (1996-present)
Janet Davidson Gordon (1993-present)
Kevin Corbett (2001-present)
Richard Paul (1985-present)
Elaina Newport (1981-present)
Bill Strauss (1981-present)
Jack Rowles (2002-present)
Mike Forrest (1996-present)
Ann Schmitt, Mike Carruthers, Brad Van Grack, Jamie Zemarel (1994-present)
Bari Biern (1993-present)
Mike Thornton, Nancy Dolliver, Delores King Williams (1998-present)
Ann Johnson (1993-present)
Marc Irwin (piano, 1999-present)
Howard Breitbart (piano, 1994-present)
Emily Bell Spitz (piano)
Lenny Williams (piano)
David Kane (piano, 1996-present)
Mark Eaton (1993-present)


Formed: In December 1981 in Washington, DC, United States

Debut Album: The Capitol Steps Live at the Shoreham (1984)

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