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B-Witched Quotes

When we were younger, Edele (Keavy's twin sister) and myself always loved to sing and dance. We always made up routines and songs and stuff like that, and when we met the girls two and a half years ago it just felt right and we just wanted to follow all of our dreams together.

We met our management through a tv that we did. We were in this center training, and a tv did a documentary on A Day In Digs Lane and they took a little shot of us and then they came back the week after and said, 'Will you perform on the tv?' and we were like, 'Okay!' So, we performed and then a guy on the tv that day knew our management that we have now, and said 'I saw this great band today. Why don't you come over and have a look at them?' So they came over and signed us and then they brought us to Sony and then Sony signed us.

It is very exciting. We never really thought about the ups and downs of how everything could go. We never thought it would be as quick as it has happened. When our first single went to number one, we were just totally shocked. It was fantastic, but we never dreamed it would happen. We never even thought about it. We never said, 'But what if this happens?' We didn't think it would happen. It's just been absolutely brilliant. We've done a lot of work in the past year and everything just gets busier.

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