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Boy Hits Car Profile

Boy Hits Car Profile

Nationality: American

Genre: Rock

Formed: In Los Angeles, California (1993)

Debut Album: My Animal (1998)

Cregg Rondell -- vocals, 12-string guitar
Bill Gower -- bass
Dusty Hunt -- guitar
Johnny Ransom -- drums

Former Members:
Drummer, Michael left the band in 2003.
Scott Menville, the bassist, left the band in 2006.
Louis Lenard, the guitarsit, left the band in 2006.

Modern aggressive hard rock with noted Eastern influences.

Did You Know:

Their song, lovefurypassionenergy, is the entrance theme for WWE wrestler Amy Dumas (Lita)
They were featured on the NPR show, "This American Life" in 1998.

Scott Menville, has done voice overs for numerous video games (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Final Fantasy X-2, and Dark Cloud 2)

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