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Bouncing Souls Quotes

Bouncing Souls Quotes

It's darker and more personal but I wouldn't say it's emo. It has emotion, but it's not emo. But we've always had those moments, ever since the first record.

Somewhere around the end of the process of writing the songs, I come up with a I try to visualize the record. Around the time the record starts to take shape, I try to find it in my mind visually. And this is what this record looked like. So I pictured it, and I was like, this has to be done with oil paints. Thus, I couldn't do it in my usual graphic, two-dimensional comic-y style. I don't know, it needed to be dark.

I once played a show naked, so these guys definitely had to stand on stage and play a show with me naked.

On Napster, or any file-sharing thing, there's a song called "The Irish Drinking Song" by the Bouncing Souls that we never wrote.

Keeping my ego in check is pretty hard.

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