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Bo Diddley Discography

Bo Diddley Discography

The Definitive Collection
Release Date: 2007

1. Bo Diddley
2. I'm a Man
3. You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care)
4. Diddley Daddy
5. Pretty Thing
6. Bring It to Jerome
7. I'm Lookin' for a Woman
8. Who Do You Love?
9. Hey Bo Diddley
10. Mona [aka I Need You Baby] 
11. Before You Accuse Me
12. Say Man
13. Dearest Darling
14. Crackin' Up
15. The Story of Bo Diddley
16. Road Runner
17. Pills
18. I Can Tell
19. You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover
20. Ooh Baby 

Bo Knows Bo
Release Date: 1995 

1. Gun Slinger
2. Hey! Bo Diddley
3. Doing the Crawdaddy
4. Roadrunner
5. Diddling 
6. Diddley Daddy
7. Diddy Wah Diddy
8. Crackin' Up
9. Who Do You Love?
10. You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover

This Should Not Be
Release Date: 1992

1. This Should Not Be
2. I'm Not the One
3. Rock Patrol
4. U Don't Look So Good
5. Mind Yo Business
6. Put Your Suitcase Down
7. My Jesus Ain't Prejudice
8. Turn Me Loose 
9. The Best
10. I'll Lick Yo Face
11. Yum I Yay
12. Let Me Join Your World
13. I Love My Baby
14. U Ugly
15. Bozilla's Groove
16. Rock Titan 

The London Bo Diddley Sessions 
Release Date: 1973

A1 Don't Want No Lyin' Woman 3:58 
A2 Bo Diddley 2:54 
A3 Goin' Down 2:54 
A4 Make a Hit record 4:59 
A5 Bo-Jam 3:31 
B1 Husband-In-Law 3:32 
B2 Do the Robot 5:40 
B3 Sneakers on a Rooster 2:41 
B4 Get out of My Life 5:09 

Where It All Began
Release Date: 1972

A1 I've Had It Hard 
A2 Woman 
A3 Look At Grandma 
A4 A Good Thing 
A5 Bad Trip 
B1 Hey Jerome 
B2 Infatuation 
B3 Take It All Off 
B4 Bo Diddley-Itis 

Bo Diddley's Beach Party
Release Date: 1963

A1 Memphis 2:26 
A2 Gun Slinger 2:45 
A3 Hey! Bo Diddley 3:01 
A4 Old Smokey 3:18 
A5 Bo Diddley's Dog 3:57 
B1 I'm All Right 4:00 
B2 Mr. Custer 3:22 
B3 Bo's Waltz 3:20 
B4 What's Buggin' You? 2:51 
B5 Roadrunner 4:18 

Bo Diddley Is a Gunslinger 
Release Date: 1961

A1 Gun Slinger 1:54 
A2 Ride on Josephine 3:03 
A3 Doing the Crawdaddy 3:03 
A4 Cadillac 2:42 
A5 Somewhere 2:40 
B1 Cheyenne 2:00 
B2 Sixteen Tons 2:26 
B3 Whoa Mule (Shine) 2:30 
B4 No More Lovin' 2:26 
B5 Diddling 2:13 

Have Guitar, Will Travel 
Release Date: 1960

A1 She's Alright 
A2 Cops and Robbers 
A3 Run Diddley Daddy 
A4 Mumblin' Guitar 
A5 I Need You Baby 
B1 Say Man, Back Again 
B2 Nursery Rhyme 
B3 I Love You So 
B4 Spanish Guitar 
B5 Dancing Girl 
B6 Come on Baby 

Bo Diddley in the Spotlight
Release Date: 1960

A1 Road Runner 2:44 
A2 Story of Bo Diddley 2:48 
A3 Scuttle Bug 2:23 
A4 Signifying Blues 2:38 
A5 Let Me In 1:56 
A6 Limber 2:32 
B1 Love Me 2:24 
B2 Craw-Dad 2:31 
B3 Walkin' and Talkin' 2:43 
B4 Travelin' West 1:48 
B5 Deed and Deed I Do 2:20 
B6 Live My Life 2:37

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