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Blue October Quotes

Blue October Quotes

As an adolescent, I was torn between passions for visual art, theatre and music. As a teenager though, music just seemed to take over my life as my personal means of expression. When I have an intangible thought, music is the only way I really know how to explain that feeling.

Music has always been my dream, but I actually attended college with the intention of getting involved with filmmaking, then changed to elementary education (working with kids has been a big influence as well).

George W. Bush scares me to no end. Iím appalled that he was actually voted in, so weíve got 4 years of Republican mistakes to look forward tosmiling smiley

Live your life. Donít sell yourself short. Donít set the bar too high, but donít settle for second best. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!!

No one knows the real you as hard as they try, so surprise them with never giving in.

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