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Blood Duster Profile

Jason P.C. Fuller (bass, vocals, 1991-)
Tony Lee Roth [aka Tony Ford] (vocals, 1993-)
Matt Collins [aka Lowpantz] (guitar, 2000-)
Matt Rizzo (drums)
Belt Thrower (guitar)
Fin Allman [aka Fin McCarthy] (guitar, 1995-2000)
Josh Nixon [aka JJ LaWhore] (guitar)
Brad Johnston (guitar, 1994)
Anthony (guitar)
Troy (guitar, vocals)
Euan Herriot (drums, 1995-99)
Shane Rout (drums, 1994, 1999)
Brick (drums, vocals)
Callum Wilson (bass)

Associated Acts:
Abyssic Hate
Dern Rutlidge
Destroyer 666
Long Voyage Back
Pod People
The Day Everything Became Nothing
The Kill

Stoner Rock
Death Metal

Formed: In August 1991 in Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Debut Album: Menstrual Soup (1992)

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