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Billy Dean Discography

Billy Dean Discography

Let Them Be Little
Release Date: 2005

1. This Is the Life
2. Eyes
3. Thank God I'm a Country Boy
4. I'm in Love With You
5. Slow Motion
6. Let Them Be Little 
7. Good Love Gone Bad
8. Race You to the Bottom
9. Shelfer Street
10. Swinging for the Fence
11. Somewhere in My Broken Heart (Mix)
12. Billy the Kid (Mix)

Real Man
Release Date: 1998 

1. A Fall in Tennessee
2. Innocent Bystander
3. Real Man
4. I'm a Fool Too
5. I'm Not Needed Here Now 
6. If I Could Find the Heart (To Love Again)
7. Big Sister
8. Voices Singing
9. By My Song
10. She Gets What She Wants

It's What I Do
Release Date: 1996 

1. It's What I Do
2. That Girl's Been Spyin' on Me
3. In the Name of Love
4. Down to Your Last One More
5. I Wouldn't Be a Man 
6. When Our Backs Are Against the Wall
7. Play Something We Can Dance To
8. The Mountain Moved
9. Don't Threaten Me with a Good Time
10. Leavin' Line

Men'll Be Boys
Release Date: 1994

1. Cowboy Band
2. Wish You Were Here
3. I Can't Find the Words to Say Goodbye
4. Men Will Be Boys
5. Pay Attention 
6. Starting over Again
7. Love and Bide
8. Indian Head Penny
9. I Will Be Here
10. Misery and Gin

Fire in the Dark
Release Date: 1993

1. Tryin' to Hide a Fire in the Dark
2. When a Woman Cries
3. That's What I Like About Love
4. I Wanna Take Care of You
5. Only a Woman Knows 
6. We Just Disagree
7. Two of the Lucky Ones
8. I'm Not Built That Way
9. Give Me All the Pieces
10. Steamroller

Billy Dean
Release Date: 1991

1. Billy the Kid
2. Simple Things
3. Hammer Down
4. Only the Wind
5. Small Favors
6. I Shoulda Listened 
7. You Don't Count the Cost
8. Gone But Not Forgotten
9. If There Hadn't Been You
10. Intro: Daddy's Will
11. Daddy's Will

Young Man
Release Date: 1990 

1. Young Man
2. I Won't Let You Walk Away
3. Only Here for a Little While
4. Lowdown Lonely
5. Somewhere in My Broken Heart 
6. How Can I Find You?
7. She's Taken
8. What Have You Got Against Love
9. Tear the Wall Down
10. Brotherly Love 

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