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Bill Holman Quotes

Bill Holman Quotes

My family didn't care much for music. We didn't own a record player, and there were no records. I onlyIm1090_zp heard music on the radio. I listened to big bands day after day, hour after hour, and absorbed all the music. Back then, listening to the bands was just part of everyday life. Itís comparable today to people listening to iPods all day. It becomes so common you lose track of the magic of the thing and it becomes part of your unconscious mind. Thatís kind of the way it was listening to the radio. It was there and you absorbed it. I thought radio and big bands were magical.
Bill Holman 

When I went into junior high school, all students Clarinet001 had to take a musical aptitude test. I did well. A few weeks later the school's bandleader came around and asked if I wanted to play the clarinet. So I started on clarinet and that led right into the saxophone a few years later.
Bill Holman 

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