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Big Dipper Discography

Big Dipper Discography

Release Date: 1988

1 Meet the Witch 3:54 
2 Ron Klaus Wrecked His House 5:09 
3 The Insane Girl 3:39 
4 Semjase 4:39 
5 Stardom Because 4:02 
6 Bonnie 3:42 
7 Hey! Mr. Lincoln 3:34 
8 Bells of Love 3:17 
9 A Song to be Beautiful 4:06 

Release Date: 1987

A1 She's Fetching 
A2 Man O'War 
A3 Easter Eve 
A4 Humason 
A5 Lunar Module 
B1 All Going Out Together 
B2 Younger Bums 
B3 When Men Were Trains 
B4 Wet Weekend 
B5 Mr. Woods 

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