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Barclay James Harvest Quotes

Barclay James Harvest Quotes

Well Ian (Wilson, acoustic guitars and occasional bass) had actually done gigs on the same bill as BJH in the early 70’s and tells a good story about the band he was in at the time, Greasy Bear, loaning the Barclays their stereo PA system for a ‘small consideration’ when the BJH PA packed in! Steve Butler, Ian and myself worked on ‘Welcome to the Show’ in 1989, also recorded at Revolution Studios. A friend of mine took me to see them around 1974 in Manchester “You’ve got to see this band” he said. I remember the album covers on the inner sleeves of my Deep Purple LPs ..the Harvest label. I remember Mel, what great drumming and what great rock and roll hair Les had! I worked at lot at Strawberry Studios in Stockport in the 80’s with Martin Lawrence who had produced and engineered many albums for BJH and the gold and platinum albums were everywhere. They had a very high profile and it was great to be asked to work on Show, then later on Revolution Days. 
Mike Byron-Hehir

Well I think the attitude in the UK is odd to say the least. Always has been. There are some great venues, there are audiences but people don’t seem to want to take the chance a lot of the time because of the expense, risk whatever ..maybe it’s financial, maybe it’s the red tape, regulations, you cant do that because of this, your not trendy etc. There’s a great festival culture in Europe where, besides the Coldplays and Arctic Monkeys or whoever, bands from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s can still draw a good audience.
Mike Byron-Hehir

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