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Bad Manners Profile

Buster Bloodvessel [Doug Trendle] (vocals)
Louis "Alphonso" Cook (guitars)
David Farren (bass)
Brian Tuitt (drums)
Winston Bazoomies [Alan Sayagg] (harmonicas)
Paul Hyman (trumpets)
Martin Stewart (keyboards)
Andrew Marson (alto sax)
Chris Kane (tenor sax)
Dave Horn (guitars)
Paul Seacroft (guitars)
Nicky Welsh (bass)
Mark Pinto (bass)
Perry Melius (drums)
Stephan Hobbs (drums)
Ian Fullwood (tenor sax)
Matt Godwin (tenor & alto saxes)
Jan Brahms (trombone)
Rico Rodriguez (trombone)
John Preston (trumpet)
Alex Arundel (trumpet)
'The Billy' (harmonicas)
Johnny Tee (strings)
John Thompson (bass)
Dave Welton (trombone
Simon Cuell (guitar)
Warren Middleton (trombones)
Trevor Irving (trumpet)
Tony Rico (saxophones)
Mark Harrison (drums)
Rick Macwana (keyboards)
Carlton Hunt (drums)
Chris Bull (trumpets)
Dave Turner (harmonica)

Also Called:
Stand Back
Stoop Solo and the Sheet Starchers
Buster's All-Stars

New Wave
Ska Revival
2 Tone

Formed: In 1976 in Stoke Newington, London, England

Debut Album: Ska 'n' B (1980)

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