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Babes in Toyland Quotes

Babes in Toyland Quotes

White Zombie wanted us to be on their tour. From what our booking agent said they got about 150 offers, bands that wanted to do it. We didn't ask, they asked us. They're really nice. We hung out with them the other night.
Lori Barbero

"Yeah, Lori saw Maureen in New York a couple of months ago, she lives in Nashville, Tennessee now. I spoke to Michelle a couple of weeks ago now, she's living in New Orleans, doing her flower business. Neither of them were approached for the shows."
Kat Bjelland 

I wish that... I never ever used to be a jealous person as far as like in a relationship. But I had a boyfriend who completely questioned every fucking move I made. He made me become jealous.
Lori Barbero

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