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B5 Quotes

B5 Quotes

We were with our manager Jim McMahan. We were doing a couple of auditions and one of them was with this guy named Kevin Wales of Worldwide Entertainment. He knew Puffy very well, so he took us up to Ohio to meet Puffy. What we did was we went to his hotel room and performed with a little boom box and after that he said he liked us a lot and a month later he sent us a contract and we got signed.

We go to a school called Atlanta Country Day School that school provides us with, when we are on the road the tutor comes with us. When we are home in Atlanta we go to the school and do our work.

Well…some of the shows we did, a lot of the girls were fainting and stuff. We went to do a radio interview and this girl said, "I was at you guys show and I pretended to faint so I could get backstage to see you guys." The last show we did there were a lot of girls fainting and falling out left and right. We had to cut our show short. A lot of girls fainting and stuff.

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