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Antigone Rising Quotes

We sat in our record label's office living room style and Starbucks came in around this time last year. At first we thought we were going to be on a compilation sometime for the future, but as soon as we were done, they brought up the idea of doing an entire acoustic record that would be exclusive. It was a no brainer.

Our fans seem to like what we do and there didn't seem to be controversy. They don't call me on the phone and tell me, but they do post on the message boards and nothing [negative] has happened. Our core fans know what we did for Starbucks isn't that much different than what we do for them on stage.

We've been touring so long that this is just what we do and it comes really natural, but we've actually been preparing and rehearsing. We've been timing the set, picking the songs and getting the staging down to go exactly right.

Keith and Mick have been fans of the band for a long time and they were begging us to do dates with them. No, I'm just kidding. Actually our manger had some contacts over there and he contacted them about getting us on the shows. We submitted a reel and I guess they really dug it.

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