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Ancient Rites Quotes

Ancient Rites Quotes

I do like to tour and perform live, it creates a stronger bond with the audience 
Gunther Theys

If artistic reward is the only thing you can get you don't want that to be taken away. Over disputes between companies. Hammerheart did have a good distribution which helped the band a lot. And organised a nice tour but we did not feel entirely supported. So we decided it was time to move on. 
Gunther Theys

My private life is already a ruin. I attend a horse riding school, work out at the gym and combat sports. And I have a regular job to pay my bills. I need 48 hours in a day. 
Gunther Theys

Some of the stuff we were working on for a long time. Someone comes up with a basic idea, but to make it really Ancient Rites everyone is needed. We all have our own style, our influences, all this is put together to make the whole better.

It has always been our intention for Ancient Rites that music, lyrics and artwork as well as presentation are one concept, a concept in which different themes can be handled. Not the kind of concept as ‘we write about one subject’, but a combination of several themes with things that come back sometimes.

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