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Amplifier Quotes

Amplifier Quotes

I worked in a music shop - and Sel and Matt used to come in. Sel used to come in and buy lots of stuff and Matt used to come in and never buy anything. 
Neil Mahony

We [Matt and Sel] met at music college and then we met Neil three years later.
Matt Brobin

My guitar - it's an 1972 SG Special - when I bought it I was looking at it and saw that where you plug the jack in it's all gouged away, I reckon it must have belonged to one of those pogo punk bands in the 70's. I thought at the time me and this guitar have got to have some adventures of our own. I'd love to be able to trace back and find out where it's been.
Sel Balamir

Well I had three brothers so I was influenced by a lot of the stuff they had on. Black Sabbath & Led Zeppelin at first, and then I had my indie stage when I started listening to bands like the Stone Roses, and House of Love. House of Love were a fantastic band, even though a lot of people don't know about them. After that I basically reverted back to rock again.
Neil Mahony

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