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Alice Nine Quotes

Alice Nine Quotes

Yeah, lately we spend more time together with the band compared to time spent with family and siblings. We have some new adventures such as going overseas which make us a bit nervous… but we can go forward and try our best because we have each other. We also continue to inspire each other. I think that’s a good thing for us that we are this close. 
Alice Nine

We will try to perform our typical show to the US audience, similar to what we would do in Japan. We won’t change our style just because we are in the US. We will do something that we like and do in Japan. I hope the US audience will enjoy it. 
Alice Nine

We want to experience the moment and music with the audience. We hope that they will be entertained by our performance. 
Alice Nine

Nao, Tora, and Saga get on the stage first, and Shou-kun and I are last to enter. Before we go on stage, we sometimes say, “Let’s have a good live and go get some good ramen afterwards!” 

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