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Alessi Tour Dates

Alessi Tour Dates

(sunday) zo-1-apr-20.30 Goirle Jan van Besouw Exploitatie B.V.
(monday) ma-2-apr-20.15 Amsterdam De Kleine Komedie
(tuesday) di-3-apr-20.00 Zwolle Schouwburg Odeon
(wednesday) wo-4-apr Verviers, Belgium Spirit of 66 
(friday) vr-6-apr-20.15 Capelle aan den IJssel Isala Theater
(saturday) za-7-apr Utrect Theaterzaal MHM 
(sunday) zo-8-apr-20.15 Hoofddorp Schouwburg De Meerse
(thursday) do-12-apr-20.00 Doetinchem Schouwburg Amphion
(friday) vr-13-apr-20.15 Helmond 't Speelhuis
(saturday) za-14-apr-20.15 Barendrecht Theater Het Kruispunt
(sunday) zo-15-apr Utrect Theaterzaal MHM
(tuesday) di-17-apr Wakker home of Jazz Eemnes 
(wednesday) wo-18-apr Arnhem Schouwburg Arnhem
(friday) vr-20-apr Paris Bus Palladium 

The 20th of July: Alessi Masterconcert Stevenskerk Nijmegen
The 20th of July: Alessi&Band 11.00 PM Waalkade Nijmegen
The 25th of August: Hofplein Veenendaal Alessi Unplugged
The 26th of August: Gigant Apeldoorn Alessi & Band&Tony Spinner
The 28th of August: Roerpop Roermond Alessi & Band

July 3rd Summerjam Festival Nijmegen
July 4th Tribute to Blue Diamond Riem de Wolff
July 5th & 6th De Spieghel Groningen

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