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Ahn Trio Quotes

Ahn Trio Quotes

In fact I would love to meet Norah Jones. I was at Tonic listening to some random band and Norah Jones was there. One of her friends playing drums said, "Will you come up and sing something". I had such an amazing impression of her. She came up and she was singing and there was this weird feedback. She didn't even blink her eye. She was like, "this is cool." She was so relaxed, professional, and nice. I really regret not going up and talking to her that night. We want to play and have her sing. We are huge fans of her.

A lot of the time we just play it acoustic. Also I should say we don't necessarily mix our music with other genres. A lot of composers are writing music influenced by so many different genres.

Kenji writes music influenced by hip-hop, bluegrass, and rock 'n' roll. One concerto has Bollywood elements. There's a funk element. It's such a great piece, so beautiful. He plays in a group called City Grass. He's my idea of mix. It's what modern classical music is. This is what a lot of young musicians are all about now, mixing, just being influenced by everything.

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