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Agitation Free Tour Dates

Agitation Free Tour Dates

January 3rd, 1974 in the Dachluke club in Berlin, Germany
February 13th Duisburg, Germany
June 16th, 1974 Festival in Paris, France
September 27th, 1974 "Warsaw Autumn" music festival; Poland

January 7th, Fabrik club, Hamburg, West Germany
March 8th Berlin club Dampfmaschine ("Steam Machine")
March 9th Berlin club Dampfmaschine ("Steam Machine")
May 8th, 1973 Berlin discotheque " Sound" Germany
June 16th in Saint Michel sur Orge France

April 6th, 1972 Eward Memorial Hall of the American University Egpyt
April 18th, 1972 Nicosia, Cyprus Hall of the Redagogical Academy
April 21st, 1972 Athens, Greece

April 12th, 1970 "First German Progressive Pop Festival" in Berlin's historic Sportpalast 

"Quasimodo" Berlin, Germany (under the name Agitation)
Underground clubs in Frankfurt und Darmstadt
November 29th, 1969 Audimax of the Technical University

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