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30 Years Too Late Profile

30 Years Too Late Profile

Zach Schotter (Sgt. Slaughter) - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Ken Neilson (Shred Death) - Guitar
Rod Pablo - Guitar (earlier-Vocals, Keys)
Alex Brazeau (Slut Sticks) - Drums (earlier-Vocals)  

Former Members:
Zack Robidoux - Drums
Tye Macauley - Guitar
Nic Rasula - Bass
Jason Simmon - Drums
Adam Macquarie - Guitar, Bass
Brandon Walsh - Bass
Brad Martel - Drums
Ben Wood - Bass
Donny Chambers - Vocals

Genres:    Heavy Metal

Formed: In 2002, in Toronto, Canada

Debut Album:    The Deep Space Invaders (2006)

Did You Know: Zach Schotter & Ken Neilson started a new band called Skull Fist

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