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2nCuk Quotes

2nCuk Quotes

2ncuk is not the only one name that we use to, there is another name before. And not just change our name, but changes at member of the band also we’ve past it before. Named like Angga, Najar, yoza, and Jeane Phialsa are several names from our ex-member list in 2ncuk histories.

We’re still evolving as a band, needs lots of learning, we step from one genre to another, from rock, pop, blues and the latest metal, and this is not a goal indeed it’s a tiring process LOL.

When I was going to my homeland in Kediri (Ed: a small city in East Java, home of great technical death metal band, Killharmonic) I had my cousin to paint my guitar. I ordered to paint “SHUT-UP”, instead he wrote 2nCuk. Until then I said “Cuk” to call people. Example: Cuk watch out yer fukkin sight.
I spell it Duan-choke, some people said it Twon-choke, Two ‘N choke, no problem. I set it free to anybody to call our band. Honestly I didn’t know exactly what it means. Perhaps in Indonesian lesson it’s an autonomous verb.

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