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1910 Fruitgum Company Profile

1910 Fruitgum Company Profile

Frank Jeckell (rhythm guitar)
Mark Gutkowski (vocals, organ, rhythm guitar)
Floyd Marcus (drums)
Pat Karwan (lead guitar)
Steve Mortkowitz (bass)
Chuck Travis (lead guitar, vocals)
Rusty Oppenheimer (drums, vocals)
Larry Ripley (bass, horns, vocals)
Bruce Shay (percussion, vocals)
Jimmy Casazza (drums, percussion, vocals)
Ralph Cohen (trumpet)
Jerry Roth (sax, clarinet, flute, vocals)
Don Christopher (guitars, vocals)
Richie Gomez (guitars, vocals)
Pat Soriano (organ, vocals, piano)
Mike Manna (vocals)
Mickey Mansueto (vocals)
Glenn Lewis (bass, vocals)
Bobby Brescia (keyboards)
Mike Edell (keyboards, vocals)

Bubblegum Pop

Formed:  In 1966, in Linden, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Debut Album:  Simon Says (1968)

Associated Acts:  
Jeckell & the Hydes
The Fruitgums

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